Disclosure Scotland

Disclosure Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government and performs a similar role to the DBS in England and Wales, providing potential employers with information about an applicant’s criminal history.  The Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (which replaces the previous system of Enhanced and Standard Disclosures) commenced on 28th February 2011 and is run by Disclosure Scotland. CAS works through Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services to process applications for PVG Scheme registration. Phase 1 in which individuals new to work with children and vulnerable adults were prioritised to enrol on the scheme began in 2011. Phase 2 of the scheme, (when existing workers can start to apply) began in November 2012.  This means that existing workers with children and vulnerable adults can now register with the PVG Scheme.

In 2015 Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services relaxed our previously very small monthly quota and there is currently no backlog in the processing of PVG applications.  Existing workers who have had Disclosures under the old set up should now apply to join the PVG Scheme please if they have not already done so.

CAS's role

The Churches' Agency for Safeguarding (CAS) acts as an intermediary body on behalf of a number of UK based Christian denominations and individual churches in Scotland. We check the PVG application forms for errors, complete Section E and send the forms on to Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services (formerly the Central Registered Body in Scotland) who act as the Umbrella Body for the voluntary sector. Once Disclosure Scotland have carried out their checks, we will receive a copy of the PVG Scheme Record or Scheme Record Update and we will send a clearance letter to the person who verified the application (or by agreement we will forward on our copy of the certificate.) 

Applying through CAS

In order to apply for PVG Scheme Membership or a Scheme Record Update an eligible applicant should approach an approved church verifier who will obtain the relevant PVG Scheme application forms from CAS. The verifier will support the applicant with completing the relevant application form accurately and will verify the applicant's identity and eligibility.  The PVG form, CAS form and Documentary Evidence Sheet (plus payment if applicable) must be sent to CAS for validation before we send it to Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services for countersigning.

Cost of PVG Applications

The cost of a PVG Scheme Record is £59 for paid employees and free of charge for volunteers. Anyone registering with the PVG Scheme for the first time will receive a Scheme Record.  Once registered an existing member can apply for a Scheme Record Update in future which costs £18 for paid employees and is free of charge for volunteers. Ideally the fee should be paid by debit or credit card by entering the card details on the form. For Methodist Ministers and Deacons the fees will be paid centrally by the Connexion. Individual churches which are Associate members of CAS will also need to pay an admin fee of £14 per application, preferably by cheque please.

About the PVG Scheme

All those who are carrying out regulated work with children or regulated work with adults should join the scheme.  Please see the Disclosure Scotland website  http://www.disclosurescotland.co.uk/disclosureinformation/pvgscheme.htm for definitions of children, protected adults and regulated work.  It is possible to register for the Children's workforce and the Protected Adults workforce at the same time. However, if you initially only applied for the children's workforce and you later go on to work with protected adults (or vice versa) you will need to apply for a full scheme record in order to be registered for both workforces.