In 2002 the UK government made it possible for all organisations working with children and young people to have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks done on their staff. The process is dependent upon all concerned to play a part in safer recruitment; the employer/ recruiter, the local church council/ committee, the applicant and the CAS and DBS. 

The DBS charge £44 (since 6 April 2011) to process an Enhanced DBS Check if the position applied for is a paid role or if the applicant is a student and the DBS check is a requirement of their course.

There is no fee to pay to the DBS for an Enhanced Disclosure Check if you work as a volunteer with children or vulnerable adults.

Denominations that are full members of CAS ( the Methodist Church, the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and the Congregational Federation) pay a yearly membership grant and the individual churches do not pay any administration fee.  Associate members pay an administration fee of £12 per application.

Cheque payments for enhanced DBS disclosure checks should be made payable to 'The Churches' Agency for Safeguarding' or 'CAS' please.